What Must We Do?

We are nearing a precipice as a nation, as are all nations of this earth.  We are in the last day before that Great Sabbath. If a day is as a thousand years, as Peter stated, we are at the end of the 6th day.  How long will this day last?  Great Empires have risen and fallen, Greece, Rome, Persia, Assyria, Babylon.  Noah and his family were rescued from tainted and evil humanity.  Abraham prayed that for even 1 righteous person Sodom & Gomorrah could be be spared.   Unwilling Jonah’s message tipped the scale to Nineveh’s repentance.   The prophets of the past told of all these cataclysmic earth changing events.  They told of kings & princes both heavenly and earthly that would turn the tide, Joseph, Moses, Darius, Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, and others.

The Hebrews thrived in Egypt because of Joseph for hundreds of years until evil crept in to destroy them and control them.  They withstood bondage for many years until Moses walked away from the corrupted system and his high rank to become a shepherd who eventually led them out.

My friends, it appears we are at our ‘Red Sea’ moment.  I believe it is at the door if not quite near.  The Hebrews complained and found fault with Moses despite his prophetic words that manifested in th 10 plagues and the release from their bondage.   We all know the story whether you believe it or not is not the point.  I do believe it and there is so much more that can be extrapolated from this historical event that I would love to touch on, but the point is YHWH uses men, people, you and me to move His purposes forward.

Many speak to me about Trump and voting, the elections.   Some just love Trump and thinks he is involved in some covert operation to bring him back to office.  (I think the latest new date is November 11).  Some hate Trump with a passion, yes, Republicans!  Some say they are done voting, “it’s all rigged anyway”, they say.   Some think if we get Trump in he will fix it all.

I like to think none of us here are of any of these persuasions.  Have you ever wondered about the Hebrews in the wilderness complaining and literally saying they would rather go back?  Back to their ‘normal’?   The wilderness was just that, a wilderness.   They were on their way to the ‘Promise’ but they wanted the ‘normal’.   It is what they were used to.  They were used to being told what to do, giving up any God given rights, living paycheck to paycheck, if that.  Ironically, the ‘Promised Land’ was just a ahead but they had no vision, no faith.  They could not envision what was ahead.  It was within their grasp as Joshua and Caleb argued that the land was theirs and they would be delivered from the giants.  But NO they were depending on something else.  All they had to do was cross that line.  One foot in front of the other and it was theirs.  The “Promise’ so close.   They said no because they wanted someone else to do it for them, because they were afraid or tired or weak or hungry or whatever else reason they could give.  Giants!  And so they wondered until the next generation would seize that Promise.

Well, here we are.  Our moment is here.  Each one of us can take our Promise back.  This land is our land.   It is a land of Promise.  Now is not the time o complain, and cry, to be comfortable, to be distracted, or even linger in the prayer closet.  Pray on your feet!!! Pray marching and knocking on doors.  Pray while contacting our reps telling them (even those who won’t listen). Pray while going to fund raisers. Pray why learning more and more about our processes that make us a free republic.  Pray.

We go in!  We occupy!   We do this by every single one of us being a poll watcher, an election judge.  We do this by taking up our sword.  This IS our sword – the Constitution- it was founded on truth and right living – a code of conduct to allow free citizens to enjoy life and liberty.   Your VOTE is the ‘tip’ of that sword.    The challenge for us all today is to do our utmost to turn this tidal wave.

Here is what must be done.  We must get every person we know and see to understand the need to vote.   Vote for me. If they need a ride, provide one.    Put my signs in your yard.  Place my signs everywhere.  Knock-on doors.  This in no longer a political campaign but a righteous campaign.     I will win with your vote and all the support you can muster.

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